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REHAU is a global leader in polymer processing technologies providing a wide range of products and services to the Construction, Automotive and Industrial sectors.


Edge Banding tapes are basically used in carpentry and furniture making. They are used to cover the exposed sides of materials such as plywood, particle board or MDF, giving the appearance of a solid (or more valuable) material.

RAUKANTEX’s large pool of edgeband collection provides an almost unlimited selection to enhance furniture design. From an easy, cost-effective way to cover raw board edges to a unique design to give your project the final touch, we have the perfect solution for you. Raukantex Inspiration- Ranges from fancy florals and “off the wall” decors to strong black and white designs.

Raukantex Vision-
Edgebands with the character of Genuine Glass.
Raukantex V- Groove-
The effect of a glass panel mounted on a basewith combinations of glass with metal or wood.
Raukantex Plain-
A wide spectrum of plain colours.
Raukantex Decor-
From fine woods to multiplex effects, from artful design combinations to brilliant stone designs and trendy metallic prints.
Raukantex Super High Gloss-
Super high gloss finish with smooth and reflective surface.
Raukantex Lite-
Combination of the edgeband and LED strip when switched illiminates every corner of furniture.
Raukantex Magic 3D-
The new brushing structures provide noble looks of color shades like bronze, copper, gold, champange, stainless steel oraluminium look.
Raukantex Magic II-
Simulates with its real metal foil, a real aluminium or stainless steel edge. 
Raukantex V-Nut -
Upper part of the edgeband shows the typical glass colours, the lower part presents a stainless steel or aluminium appearance.

RAUVOLET Roller Shutters are used in everyday application, from homes and kitchens to offices and commercial buildings.They represent an elegant and highly functional storage solution for nearly any type of cabinet whether desk height or full height, vertical or horizontal opening, or installed into wood panel or metal cabinets, the RAUVOLET range offers design flexibility whilst allowing maximum use of the space available. 

Rauvolet Vetro-line-

The RAUVOLET vetro-line glass roller shutter system, now offers a unique way of bringing together two previously incompatible attributes – the excellent running & installation quality of tried & tested REAHU cassette system & glass design elements.

Rauvolet Metallic line-

Metallic surfaces are the latest trend. A trend for which RAUVOLET Metallic-Line can do full justice.With the brilliance appearance and high quality of real aluminium RAUVOLET makes a visual impact, and therefore actively supports creative kitchen design. In harmony with the sink, cooker, extractor fan and accessories, thanks to metallic-line aluminium and stainless steel design, kitchens are turned into attractive and avant-garde living spaces and places to feel good in 

Rauvolet Easy line-

Young modern people lead a lifestyle that demands easy and convenient solution for their loving spaces. RAUVOLET Easy Line offers offers just that by combining the unique benefits of RAUVOLET Roller Shutter with a fresh look. Available in handy cassette system, installation of the RAUVOLET Easy Line needs least effort.

Wardrobe & Office Kit-

Horizontal Kit is ideal solution for filing cabinet and wardrobe doors in office and home. This system uses rigid, stable SE16 profile especially designed for horizontal opening in tall cabinet.

E23 Kit-

Setting up a roller shutter is no longer a chore. With E23 kit, the necessary roller sutter acessories are included. This versatile system is suitable for vertical as well as horizontal opening. 


The REHAU plinth systems consist of plinth covers, corner profiles, external and internal corners (90° and 135°), end caps as well as plinth sealing profiles. They are functional and at the same time, decorative elements in any kitchen. Plinth Covers- REHAU supplies plinth covers in the nominal heights of 100 mm and 150 mm. REHAU plinth cover system has surfaces without web marks, in magic finish or with thermosetting decorative designs. 


  • Waterproof
  • Invisible sealing lip
  • Keeps dirt and moisture out
  • Height can be adjusted individually
  • Improved fittings in same decorative design as plinth cover and matched to fit the required height
  • Very stable and break-proof compared to traditional wooden plinth covers

The RAUKANTEX Soft is applied to two or four sides of the narrow surface, where it can be processed by butt joint or mitre. It reduces the sound of impact when closing unitdoors, sliding doors and drawers. In addition, act as a barrier against dust and insects.Possible ares of application are in office and kitchen furniture.


The optimal sealing properties make the REHAU jointing profile the superior alternative to silicon fittings, not only when it comes to conventional use on worktops, but also for sanitary applications and sealing of acrylic and ceramic mouldings, for instance in bathroom and kitchen sinks and bathtub.



1. Wood swelling due to water leakage reduces wood life. After a period of time, the swelled wood deteriorates beyond use & requires replacement.No affect of water.Long product life.
2. When the plyood door is closed post periodic maintenance ,grease marks are transferred from the fingers of the maintenance person to Grease marks can be easily cleaned with the soap solution.Thus suprior looks are maintained at no extra costs.

ADVANTAGES of REHAU AC Trap door solution over conventional wooden trap doors

The plywood surface resulting in shabby appearance .The soultion is to repaint the plywood surface
3. During maintenance, when door is opened, it falls under gravity posing risk of hurting the maintenance person and damaging the wall surface. The door slides & does not fall down hence no risk of accident or wall damaging. Easy to operate.


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