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KLEIBERIT Adhesives – The Specialist Amongst Adhesive Manufacturers.
Adhesive bonding is considered to be the technology of the future. Today KLEIBERIT adhesives are used worldwide in the building, wood and furniture field as well as in the automotive, filter and textile industries.


Product Details:

303.2 - Cold pressing/ Hot Pressing of HPL/Veneer on MDF/PB. Very high standard D-3 Glue

332.0- Hot pressing of HPL/Veneer on MDF/PB. Long Open time. D2 Glue

436.2- One/ two component laminating dispersion for deep drawing, membrane, multiform pressing as well as for Hot sealing (+ 5% hardener 807)

453.0- Cold setting EVA glue for bonding PVC edgebands on MDF/ PB

773.3- Very High Bond strength unfilled Glue for throughfeed edgebanding

788.7 - Very High Bond strength Hotmelt for Manual Machines. Very high strength on curvilinear edges.

779.6 - General purpose High Grade Hotmelt for throughfeed edgebanding suitable for even thick veneers and solid Wood edgebanding, apart from PVC and ABS.

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303.2, 304.0, 304.1, 332.0, 347, 436.2, 453.0, 501.3, 501.6, 773.3,
779.6, 782.5, 788.2, 788.3, 788.7, 807.0,