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As a leading manufacturer of hardware and furniture fittings in India, EBCO has combined two apparently opposite requirements of the customer; it has brought luxury and affordability together to make homes and offices heavens of comfort and elegance.

All segments of EBCO range have been augmented to give customers a wider range and choice, so that it acts as a one stop source for all Hardware Items for Furniture Factories and other customers.

Product Segment:
1) Drawer Slides
2) Hinges
3) Computer Furniture Fittings
4) Joinery Fittings
5) Furniture Locks
6) Wardrobe Fittings
7) Kitchen Systems & Accessories
8) Architectural Hardware
9) Window Fittings 
10)Miscellaneous- Handles, jigs & cutters, Aluminium Profiles, Shelf Supports & Other Hardwares

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